Law, Protection And Safety Diploma Program


Teaching a Class

4 hours

2 hours
Learning Techniques

51 hours
Criminal Law
  1. Substantive & Procedural Law
  2. Powers of Arrest
  3. Search & Seizure
  4. Common Criminal Code Offences
  5. Criminal Justice System Procedures

45 hours
Police Procedures & Enforcement Tactics
  1. Practical Application of the Law in Police Operations

2 hours
Hazardous Goods

2 hours
Law Enforcement Oversight

44 hours
Communications & Law Enforcement Report Writing
  1. Effective Written Communications
  2. Note Taking
  3. Law Enforcement Report Writing

37 hours
Criminal Investigations: Procedures & Techniques
  1. Criminal Investigation Procedures

20 hours
Investigative Interviewing

13 hours
Interrogation Techniques and Legalities/Deception

15 hours
Facial Identification of Criminals

6 hours
Domestic Violence

24 hours
Major Crimes Investigations
  1. Categories: Robbery, Homicide, Sexual Assaults

2 hours
Bomb Threats

39 hours
Criminology & Restorative Justice in a Community Policing Framework

24 hours
Community Practicum (24 compulsory course credit hours)

32 hours
Ethics & Accountability In Law Enforcement

2 hours

23 hours
Human Relations

12 hours
Provincial Acts

28 hours
Crime Scene Management & Intro to Forensic Identification fingerprinting
  1. Protecting & Securing a Crime Scene
  2. Duties of the First Officer at the Scene
  3. The Forensic Identification Officer
  4. Recording a Crime Scene (Scenes of Crime Officer)

15 hours
Public Speaking

20 hours
Crime Prevention & Crime Response within a Community Policing Framework

14 hours
Employment Preparation and Job Search
Interview Training
  1. Resume Preparation
  2. Interview Training
  3. Application Processes
  4. Mock Interviews
  5. WPS PAT/RCMP PARE Preparation

10 hours
Traffic Control & Traffic Accident Investigation

8 hours
Diversity & Inclusion in Law Enforcement

24 hours
Police Defensive Tactics
  1. Self-defense Against Single Assailants
  2. Self-defense Against Multiple Assailants
  3. Police Baton techniques
  4. Pressure Points & Handcuffing Techniques

14 hours
Preparing for Courtroom Success

5 hours
Mental Health & Policing

The following 5 courses must be taken in the order listed and successfully completed before commencing to the next course.

40 hours
Firearms Training
    This course is specifically geared towards Law Enforcement, therefore no exemptions will be granted.
  1. Canadian Firearms Safety Course
  2. Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course

15 hours
Non-Violent Crisis Management

35 hours
Officer Safety & High Risk Situations

30 hours
Situational Analysis
    Effective Thinking & Judgement Under Stress.

8 hours
Arrest & Control Techniques

7 hours
Guest Lecturers / Police Recruitments

4 hours
Final Exam And Class Debriefing

Total Tuition Hours: 676

Students should note that most law enforcement agencies also require a Standard First Aid and a CPR Level "C" Certificate.