Gil Johnston


Gil Johnston, Instructor


Twenty-five (25) Years Service with the Correctional Service of Canada (Retired)

  • Stony Mountain Institution - Maximum, Medium and Minimum Security Prison
  • Correctional Manager in charge of the Institution
  • Correctional Manager in charge of Segregation Unit, Mental Health Unit, Gang Unit, Gen. Pop.
  • Acting Assistant Warden of Operations
  • Security Intelligence Officer (Gang management, Drug interdiction, Crime interdiction and prevention)

Education & Training

  • C.S.C. Training Academy
  • Crisis /Hostage Negotiator
  • Western Canada Organized Crime and Street Gang Conferences
  • Canadian Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Investigator Conferences
  • Security Intelligence Officer Course
  • R.C.M.P. Criminal Intelligence Course


  • C.S.C. Exemplary Service Award


  • Applied Dynamic Security
  • Gangs - Organized Crime Dynamics
  • Correctional Officer Recruit training – (Gangs, Drugs and Violence)
  • Use of Force


  • Provided lectures, presentations and briefings to the Crown/Defence Liaison group in Manitoba, to the Criminal Intelligence Service Manitoba and Correctional Services.
  • Deputy Squad leader with the C.S.C. Guard of Honour