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Transportation Security

The Transportation Security Certificate Program has been developed to help manage risk in today's transportation industry.
The tragic events of September 11, 2001 underline the vulnerability of a number of industries, most notably those related to the transportation and movement of people and goods.
Stringent new government regulations were imposed post 9-11 and are continuing to be introduced by governments throughout the world. The principles of 'risk management' and the exercising of 'due diligence' have taken on new importance.
New regulations concerning the self-policing/self-regulation of many industries including the transportation industry are continuing to be implemented by governments.
The onus and cost burden of ensuring compliance with these new regulations is now on the shoulders of the transportation industry.
Non-compliance can result in horrendous consequences such as grievous injury, loss of life, damage to the environment, outbreaks of disease, civil and criminal liability, and the imposition of significant punitive financial penalties.
In response the Northwest Law Enforcement Academy is pleased to announce a two day training course for executives and decision makers in the transportation industry.
The course has been designed to provide an effective understanding of the threats being faced and the roles of government and the transportation industry in combating these threats.
Course trainers have years of operational experience in the fields of law enforcement and in controlling the international movement of people and goods, and they are amongst the very top in their fields.
The pilot 2008 course was positively received by one of the world's largest maritime shipping corporations and is now being offered to the global transportation industry.
Now is the time to learn the risks, take action and be prepared for the future. Don't let your organization be the next victim!
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